Kreuzberg Nightlife

Berlin is arguably the nightlife capital of Europe, if not the world.  Every weekend thousands of party-goers head to Berlin's amazing bars and clubs to dance and/or drink the night away.

Berlin has a bar for every taste.  From dirty underground clubs blasting out filthy loud techno, to bars where you can hang out with friends, enjoy a drink and listen to some great live music as well as the glamour and sophistication of high end cocktail bars.  Berlin has one of the most liberal laws regarding opening hours, and you will find many establishments that run right through the night and into the next day...even on weekends.  During summer a heap of beer gardens, as well as bars and clubs with outdoor areas, open for business to take advantage of the warm nights.


Chalet Kreuzberg, Berlin

Chalet is a really nice and rustically designed club playing house and techno. They have a wonderful garden area which during summer is a killer place to dance the night away or just chill out.

Madame Claude

Madame Claude Kreuzberg, Berlin

Located in a former brothel, Madame Claude is decorated in an upside down theme and hold concerts, DJs and events every single night of the week! From 7pm till late.


Watergate Kreuzberg, Berlin

Watergate in Kreuzberg is a fantastic club with both outdoor and indoor stages for electronic music lovers and clubers.


Destille Kreuzberg, Berlin

Destille has a big following, 5 star reviews, and VIP visitors. It's easy to see why: this classic Kreuzberg "Kneipe" has a great vibe and a wide assortment of quality beers, wines, and whiskies.

Die Legende von Paula und Ben

Die Legende von Paula und Ben Kreuzberg, Berlin

Perfectly mixed cocktails, an extensive wine list, a tasty tapas menu, and fantastic service... what more could you want?

Silver Wings

Silver Wings Kreuzberg, Berlin

Silver Wings has been playing rock and roll since the 50's when it was a popular hangout of American military stationed in West Berlin.

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart Kreuzberg, Berlin

This is a bar for folks who like their music loud and live. Open Thursday to Saturday with local and international bands playing rock, punk, hardcore, psychobilly, ska, and...well you get the picture.

Salon Schmück

Salon Schmück Kreuzberg, Berlin

A popular hangout of Kreuzberg locals, Salon Schmück is equal parts café, gallery, bar and shop.

Brauhaus Südstern

Brauhaus Südstern Kreuzberg, Berlin

With a number of house brewed beers on tap, Brauhaus Südstern is worth a visit if you want to sample some of Germany's famed beer culture.


Brachvogel Kreuzberg, Berlin

Brachvogel is a popular Kreuzberg restaurant offering modern international and regional cuisine, a lovely beer garden, as well as a playground and mini-golf course!


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