Mitte Nightlife

Berlin is arguably the nightlife capital of Europe, if not the world.  Every weekend thousands of party-goers head to Berlin's amazing bars and clubs to dance and/or drink the night away.

Berlin has a bar for every taste.  From dirty underground clubs blasting out filthy loud techno, to bars where you can hang out with friends, enjoy a drink and listen to some great live music as well as the glamour and sophistication of high end cocktail bars.  Berlin has one of the most liberal laws regarding opening hours, and you will find many establishments that run right through the night and into the next day...even on weekends.  During summer a heap of beer gardens, as well as bars and clubs with outdoor areas, open for business to take advantage of the warm nights.

Tube Station

Tube Station Mitte, Berlin

Tube station is a mid sized premium club that caters to lovers of hip hop and RnB.

Die schöne Party

Die schöne Party Mitte, Berlin

"The Beautiful Party" tells you everything you need to know. Four floors offer live music in a range of styles from swing to house, with Berlin's best DJ's lined up to bring just the right party mix.



The KINGKONGKLUB is one of Berlin's last authentic clubs. With live music and a stack of DJs along with the awesome atmosphere it's famous for, this club should definitely be high on your to do list.


GMF@Weekend Mitte, Berlin

This Sunday-only club is a Berlin gay institution: from 11pm each Sunday, Berlin's thriving gay scene gets a top class dance experience. Music, lights, atmosphere, crowd: it's all unforgettable.


Tresor Mitte, Berlin

Tresor, located in a former power plant is one of the best clubs in Berlin and is the place to hear some of the city's best techno DJs.

the Fish Bowl Comedy Show

the Fish Bowl Comedy Show Mitte, Berlin

The Fish Bowl is a fort-nightly Thursday showcase of the best English-language comedy that Berlin has to offer.

The Oscar Wilde

The Oscar Wilde Mitte, Berlin

Every city needs a good Irish pub! So why not take in a pint at The Oscar Wilde on Friedrichstraße.

Lobby Lounge and Bar - Hotel Adlon Unter den Lind

Lobby Lounge and Bar - Hotel Adlon Unter den Lind Mitte, Berlin

Berlin's exclusive Adlon Hotel is all about luxury, and the lobby lounge and bar here are no exception: spoil yourself by relaxing with a glass of wine and taking in the wonderful classic surroundings

Golden Gate

Golden Gate Mitte, Berlin

Golden Gate is the epitome of the Berlin underground club scene. Hard to find, unadorned, gritty, no frills decor and pumping out some awesome tunes.

KitKat Club

KitKat Club Mitte, Berlin

Berlin can get kinky, so if you're up for that, head to the KitKat Club! This fetish club is a Berlin institution: hedonists from all over are very welcome, but dress to impress to get past the door.


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