Clubs in Friedrichshain

Berlin is arguably the club capital of the world and attracts a myriad of visitors every weekend who come with the express purpose of partying sundown to sunup.

Let My Destination Berlin guide you through the varied and unforgettable clubs in Berlin which host all music styles from house, techno, disco, trans, drum and bass, and dubstep to indie, metal and hip hop.  With a wealth of amazing local DJs as well as big names from around the world whether you head to an underground club like Golden Gate or Subland or to one of the world renowned superclubs like Berghain, you are bound to have an unforgetable clubbing experience. Many of Berlin's underground parties are hard to find which makes them all the more enjoyable.

Suicide Circus

Suicide Circus is a mid sized Berlin club that in summer has a killer open-air dance floor. They have a huge roster of local and international DJs playing mainly Techno and Electro.

Lovelite Berlin

For a cosy underground experience, you can't go past Lovelite. It's packed full of friendly people, and the live music events are top notch. An unbeatable vibe for drinking and dancing into morning.


Yamm is well known in Berlin for the past 20 years as a venue for some great African live music, cool drinks and a laid back atmosphere Berliners and tourists have come to love.


Berghain oozes exclusivity and European flair. If you're lucky enough to get in, be prepared for exceptional music, an unforgettable atmosphere, and plenty of dark corners for doing dark deeds.