Berlin Live Music

The live music scene in Berlin is fresh, exciting, urban and raw as much as it is classic, sophisticated and simply and utterly entertaining. My Destination Berlin shows you there is literally something for all tastes, ages and noise levels.    

You can find performances in metal, hip hop, rock, punk, soul, reggae, folk, ska, pop and more. Venues range from large concerts featuring international artists at some of Berlin’s biggest arenas to smaller bars and live music venues where you can hear German and international artists that are the heart and soul of Berlin’s music scene.

Wild at Heart

This is a bar for folks who like their music loud and live. Open Thursday to Saturday with local and international bands playing rock, punk, hardcore, psychobilly, ska, and...well you get the picture.


A little pub/bar that has live music playing most Friday and Saturday nights. Styles vary from punk to classical, balkan to gypsy swing, reggae to hip hop.


The KINGKONGKLUB is one of Berlin's last authentic clubs. With live music and a stack of DJs along with the awesome atmosphere it's famous for, this club should definitely be high on your to do list.

Madame Claude

Located in a former brothel, Madame Claude is decorated in an upside down theme and hold concerts, DJs and events every single night of the week! From 7pm till late.


Clandestine is the perfect name for this classy and cosy cocktail bar, a hidden gem in Steglitz. Come here for exceptional cocktails, impressive bar service, and a super classy, comfortable vibe.


If you are into live music, be it folk, blues, rock, country or bluegrass then you should definitely check out Artliners. Especially cool is the Sunday night open mic session.