Berlin Only in Berlin

My Destination Berlin's ‘Only in Berlin’ category is something very special. Here you’ll find a list of the unique places to go for a night out that could only exist in this amazing city.

Sometimes they are the stuff of legend, other times they are unique out of the way places that you heard rumours about from a friend of a friends uncles brother.  Want to go to a bar with a toilet theme? Or a place where a Ping Pong game constantly running, or why not walk into a bar that has the furniture on the ceiling and lights coming out of the floor, these are just some examples of the crazy and unconventional places Berliners love to go and have a drink.  

Dr Pong

Dr Pong is one of the most Berlin bars in Berlin! The concept (and the guests) revolves around a table tennis table, where there is a constant group game being played.

C-base Raumstation

C-base isn't a bar, it's an authentic hacker space, and one of the coolest you'll ever see. Nerds and geeks unite, collaborate, and drink on the mothership, decked out just like a space station.

Madame Claude

Located in a former brothel, Madame Claude is decorated in an upside down theme and hold concerts, DJs and events every single night of the week! From 7pm till late.