Pubs and Kneipen in Kreuzberg

It’s nice to know travelers can still find a traditional pub in the heart of Berlin. See our list of Irish or English pubs, here you’ll find lots of expats and travelers plus they’re a great venue to be in for the World Cup and other sporting events.

The German pub, or “Kneipe”, is a casual venue serving some snack food, a range of German and sometimes international beers. They don’t drink much wine at a German pub, so it’s beer, beer and more beer, but the beer here is great so there isn't anything to complain about!


Destille has a big following, 5 star reviews, and VIP visitors. It's easy to see why: this classic Kreuzberg "Kneipe" has a great vibe and a wide assortment of quality beers, wines, and whiskies.......