Mitte Asian

While you are in Berlin, some nights you’ll just want to eat a good Pad Thai or Peking duck. Although there are many Noodle Box shacks on various street corners and train stations, they probably don’t hit that authentic Asian spot in your tummy      

Berlin has many great Asian restaurants to choose from. Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese leading the way with more and more and Korean or Sushi restaurants making the journey into the culinary scene. Remember, when eating Asian food in Berlin, if you’ve eaten the cuisine in its original country of origin, and like it that way, you may need to ask the kitchen for an authentic amount of spice.

Restaurant Tim Raue

Restaurant Tim Raue Mitte, Berlin

Restaurant Tim Raue is an exquisitely modern dining experience under the principle of the Hummingbird - Creativity, uniqueness and freedom.

Good Morning Vietnam

Good Morning Vietnam Mitte, Berlin

The restaurant Good Morning Vietnam in Mitte is an authentic taste of Vietnam without having to leave Berlin.

Restaurant Jolly

Restaurant Jolly Mitte, Berlin

If you've tired yourself out by walking around the Pergamon Museum all day, nip over to the Jolly Restaurant for some Chinese food.


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