Friedrichshain Cafe

Throughout Berlin there are perhaps an overabundance of cafes.  From bakeries with a couple of seats, to kiosks with a coffee machine, it seems everyone is calling themselves a café these days.    

At My Destination Berlin, we take our coffee, cake and snacks seriously.  Only the best of Berlin’s cafes make it onto our list.  Our ‘Café’ listing can help you find your fix of good coffee, tea, cakes, and snacks in Berlin.  From cosy cafes with vintage flair, to more modern design; open for breakfast, lunch and cake.

Aunt Benny

Aunt Benny Friedrichshain, Berlin

Aunt Benny is a great place to run away to when you want an amazing baked treat, healthy lunch. A very cool atmosphere, friendly staff and great coffee.


Goodies Friedrichshain, Berlin

Vegetarian/Vegan café and all round good place, Goodies, has been in Friedrichshain since 2009.

Cafe Leander

Cafe Leander Friedrichshain, Berlin

Leander is a small, cozy and affordable café restaurant in the hip neighbourhood of Friedrichshain.


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