Fusion in Mitte

Restaurants service fusion cuisine borrow from various culinary traditions without solely belonging to any one.  Offering an exciting, well, fusion, they are free to explore flavour combinations more adventurously than more traditional restaurants

There are many fusion restaurants serving a variety of great dishes in Berlin.  From Asian fusion, where a restaurant may combine 2 elements from two or more asian cuisines, to more adventourous kitches who thumb their nose at the traditional establishment with their bold combinations of ingredients, often re-inventing classic dishes with a modern, more international twist.

Katz Orange

Katz Orange in Mitte is a great place to dine on some gourmet organic food and wine and chill out with some cool old tunes.......


A very stylish restaurant-club located in a former postal office. Here you can dine on sumptuous dishes and afterwards dance until the sun comes up.......