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So you’re in Berlin, well then, naturally we recommend finding yourself a traditional Brauhaus (Beer Hall) or German restaurant to get your fill of the traditional German dining experience. You won’t be disappointed.    

Try dishes such as Schweinshaxe or Eisbein, (a ham hock) broiled or roasted with a side of potatoes and sauerkraut (sour cabbage), the ever popular Currywurst (sausage) with hot chops and mayonnaise or Spätzle, (a type of delicious egg noodle pasta).  German cuisine is known for its generous portions; team it up with some fantastic German beer and you’ll have to roll yourself home at the end of the night. Needless to say, there are German restaurants all over Berlin.

Cafe am Neuen See

Cafe am Neuen See Tiergarten, Berlin

Located on the banks of a small lake in Berlin's Tiergarten park, Cafe am Neuen See combines idyllic surrounds with tasty cold beer and a great selection of German und Italian cuisine!


Marjellchen Tiergarten, Berlin

This romantic German restaurant in the heart of the city is famous for offering wonderful food throughout the day.

First Floor

First Floor Tiergarten, Berlin

First Floor serves European food based on French haute cuisine. They possess one Michelin Star.


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