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There are over 50 Greek restaurants in Berlin. My Destination Berlin’s ‘Greek’ restaurants listing will help you find the best ones.    

Greek food is known for its use of oils, bread and grains and of course particular vegetables like eggplant (aubergine), and olives as well as various meats like lamb, fish and poultry. Not to mention the Ouzo, their famous aniseed flavoured liqueur. So, if you are tired of the Turkish or Vietnamese restaurants that dominate the Berlin streets, try some Greek, it’ll be good for you!  

Taverna Apollon

Taverna Apollon Prenzlauer-Berg, Berlin

Taverna Apollon Greek restaurant is a lovely place to eat an authentic Greek meal in beautiful surrounds and offers outdoor dining on their beautiful terrace during the warmer months.


Pratirio Tiergarten, Berlin

Located on the beautiful Savigny Platz, this is special restaurant that all the family will enjoy.

KOS House

KOS House Friedrichshain, Berlin

A quaint Greek restaurant, KOS House in Berlin offers scrumptious meals in a lovely restaurant that is geared towards great food and excellent service.

Taverna Cassambalis

Taverna Cassambalis Tiergarten, Berlin

With wonderful artwork decorating the wall, this small Greek tavern feels like a part of Greece in the centre of Berlin.


Romiosini Spandau, Berlin

Greek speciality restaurants in cozy settings around Berlin, Romiosini has three locations in the city.

Taverna Ousies

Taverna Ousies Schoneberg, Berlin

Taverna Ousies is a small Greek restaurant that offers one of the finest Greek food experiences in Berlin.


Samos Prenzlauer-Berg, Berlin

This bright but warm Greek restaurant offers honest traditional cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere.

Restaurant Ypsilon

Restaurant Ypsilon Schoneberg, Berlin

This fantastic Greek bar and restaurant is famous amongst Berliners for its excellent food and regular live music.


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