Berlin Ice Cream Cafe

It’s true, Berliners love ice cream and they love it all year round. Simply named ‘Ice’ here, there are many charming ice cream cafes in every area of Berlin and you are bound to come across one or two when you walk down the street.      

It’s not uncommon to see a Berliner walking down the street with gloves, coat and hat whilst enjoying an ice cream cone, so whilst some Ice cafes will close for the winter while others stay open all year round. Crazy? Not really, why not try it and see. As well as selling great seasonal flavours by the scoop (Kugel) in some larger places you can also sit in and enjoy an ice cream sunday, as well as coffees, crepes and milkshakes.


Icebox Moabit, Berlin

This organic ice cream café has it all, amazing and unique flavours, all good for you using only natural products, herbs, fruits and spices.

Vanille Marille

Vanille Marille Schoneberg, Berlin

The Vanille Marille is a famous ice cream parlour with multiple destinations around the centre of Berlin.

Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey Prenzlauer-Berg, Berlin

There is no shortage in Berlin of ice cream cafes. There are even quite a few selling ice cream made on the premises. Hokey Pokey, however, is the pick of the bunch.

Bio Eis Diele

Bio Eis Diele Treptow-Kopenick, Berlin

Bio Eis Diele is an Italian ice cream parlour with two locations in Berlin.


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