Kreuzberg Seafood

If fish and seafood are your thing then check out My Destination Berlin's guide to all the best restaurants serving fresh and delicious ocean delights.

Although Berlin is not a coastal city you can still find a number of restaurants serving fantastic fresh and beautiful seafood.  From fish in all of its glorious varieties, to prawns, shrimp, lobster, mussels and oysters,  Berlin's seafood restaurants have garnered a reputation for quality cuisine despite their distance from the sea.  From simple but tasty fish and chips to Michelin starred dining, Berlin has it all.

van Loon im Urbanhafen

van Loon im Urbanhafen Kreuzberg, Berlin

For more than 20 years the ship restaurant van Loon has made its home on the Urbanhafen beside the Baerwaldbrücke (Baerwald Bridge) in Kreuzberg.


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