Prenzlauer Berg Vietnamese

There are a number of great Vietnamese restaurants around Berlin serving authentic, Vietnamese cuisine.  Noodle dishes, soups, meat and seafood dishes as well as a wide range of Vegetarian options.

Vietnamese cuisine would have to be one of the healthiest in the world with an emphasis on soups and fresh vegetables.  It is also one of the cheapest food options in Berlin meaning that it wont be too heavy on the hips, OR the hip pocket!  With restaurants located all around Berlin, you wont have to travel far for some great tasting, healthy Vietnamese food.

Minh Quang

Minh Quang Prenzlauer-Berg, Berlin

Indulge in their famous hot jasmine tea on any cold day, and be treated to Thai and Vietnamese cuisine at the Minh Quang restaurant in Berlin.

Si An

Si An Prenzlauer-Berg, Berlin

Si An Vietnamese restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg is a beautiful mix of taste, quality, art, and beauty.

Onkel Ho

Onkel Ho Prenzlauer-Berg, Berlin

Onkel Ho (Uncle Ho) traditional Vietnamese restaurant is a relaxed and warm place to eat, by candlelight with your partner or lamp light with the family.


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