Berlin Souvenirs

See My Destination Berlin for the best places to buy souvenirs, keepsakes, mementos, or commemorative merchandise such as collectables, postcards, magnets, mugs, t shirts and clothing, handcrafts, miniature figurines, ashtrays, flags, bags or bears.

There are a few classic Berlin souvenirs of the city that most people leave with. Merchandise featuring the famous Berlin Ampelmann (traffic light man) make popular gifts, as do the Berlin Bear or Buddy Bear.  For a unique Berlin memento buy a piece of the Berlin Wall -  just be careful of fakes.

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What's the best Berlin souvenir you can find on your travels? Why it's an Ampelmann of course! Classic, cute, collectable and completely Berlin, you will want to take him...

BOB, Box off Berlin

Box off Berlin (Bob for short) is a fabulous Berlin designer souvenir store where you can find individual pieces of art, knick-knacks, collectables and a cup of fair trad...

Ach Berlin

Within walking distance of the Brandeburger Tor and Museum Island is Ach Berlin: A classy designer souvenir shop in the middle of the city.......