Berlin Vintage

For an extensive range of everything vintage in Berlin including clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories, hit a local flea market or a vintage clothing shop. 

The vintage scene is big in this city and My Destination Berlin has a list of the best vintage and second hand shops around Berlin. Visit them all and stock up on classic Berlin vintage to show off when you get home. From retro all the way back to bordering on antique garments from the early 1900’s, this city has fashion imbedded in its history.

Humana Second Hand

Although there are a heap of second hand and vintage clothing shops in Berlin, it doesn't get better than Humana. Their motto: First class - second hand, quality at a sma...


Just one minute from Eberswalderstraße station is the vintage store Stiefelkombinat, a must visit if you are searching for a vintage pair of boots or shoes.......