Berlin Things To Do

With the sheer volume and range of attractions in Berlin, you could stay here for 6 months and never get bored.  If you have less time, and want to know which are the must see Berlin attractions, My Destination can help.

Berlin has 175 museums, 50 theatres, as well as countless historical monuments, memorial religious buildings, parks and gardens, zoos.  Well known attractions like the Brandenburger Tor and the UNSECO world heritage listed Museum Island are located around the corner from quirky galleries, museums and theatres.  My Destination Berlin is your guide to the best attractions that the city of Berlin has to offer.

Alltag in der DDR - Everyday Life in the GDR

Alltag in der DDR - Everyday Life in the GDR Prenzlauer-Berg, Berlin

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The Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauerberg is the perfect location for this new Museum portraying what life was like in the German Democratic Republic.

Chamäleon Theater Berlin

Chamäleon Theater Berlin Mitte, Berlin

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The Chamäleon Theatre in the legendary Hackesche Höfe in Berlin hosts some of the most wonderful physical theatre shows in town.

Berlin Wall Memorial - Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

Berlin Wall Memorial - Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer Mitte, Berlin

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The Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, or Berlin Wall Memorial, is the central memorial documenting the division of Berlin and is a must see for anyone wanting to learn more about the Berlin Wall.

GoJump - Tandem Sky Diving

GoJump - Tandem Sky Diving Prenzlauer-Berg, Berlin

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If you are looking for an adrenaline hit, it doesn't get much better than jumping out of a plane. GoJump are the largest sky diving company in German with over 20,000 jumps per year!

Magicum - Berlin Magic Museum

Magicum - Berlin Magic Museum Mitte, Berlin

One of Berlin's newest museums, the Berlin Magic Museum presents an overview of the world of magic from pagan and traditional religions to witch trials and conjurors.

Tränenpalast - The Palace of Tears

Tränenpalast - The Palace of Tears Mitte, Berlin

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The Tränenpalast, or Palace of Tears, was one of the border crossings from East to West Berlin and now houses a fantastic exhibition entitled Border Experiences: Everyday life in Divided Germany.

Escape Zone Berlin

Escape Zone Berlin Mitte, Berlin

Escape Zone offers the chance to thwart the diabolical plans of an evil dictator and save the world from utter destruction!

Teufelsberg Abandoned Spy Station

Teufelsberg Abandoned Spy Station Charlottenburg, Berlin

Atop the tallest hill in Berlin sits the listening station built by the NSA and abandoned after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It offers amazing views of Berlin.

Berlin Museum of Medical History

Berlin Museum of Medical History Mitte, Berlin

Located in the Charité hospital, the Berlin Museum of Medical History offers a fascinating insight into around 300 years of Medical history.

Soviet War Memorial - Treptower Park

Soviet War Memorial - Treptower Park Kreuzberg, Berlin

The Soviet War Memorial is in impressively grand monument to the Soviet soldiers who lost their lives during the Second World War.


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