Mitte Berlin Wall

Perhaps the most common symbol of the Cold war, The Berlin Wall divided the city of Berlin from 1961 until 1989 separating families and loved ones.  After re-unification, the wall was dismantled and removed except for a few remaining pieces.

My Destination Berlin lists all the places in Berlin to see, and experience the Berlin Wall, including the East Side Gallery, the Berlin Wall Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, former border crossings and other locations around Berlin.  Take a bike tour along the route of the Berlin Wall for an interesting thing to do during your stay.

Berlin Wall Memorial - Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

Berlin Wall Memorial - Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer Mitte, Berlin

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The Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, or Berlin Wall Memorial, is the central memorial documenting the division of Berlin and is a must see for anyone wanting to learn more about the Berlin Wall.

The Wall - Asisi Panorama Berlin

The Wall - Asisi Panorama Berlin Mitte, Berlin

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The Wall - Asisi Panorama of a Divided City is a fascinating artistic representation of life set against the backdrop of the Berlin Wall.

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie Mitte, Berlin

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Checkpoint Charlie, once the site of the most famous crossing point of the Berlin Wall, is now one of the most popular tourist sites in Berlin.

Mauerweg - The Berlin Wall Trail

Mauerweg - The Berlin Wall Trail Mitte, Berlin

This 155km trail follows the former path of the Berlin Wall. Taking a walk or bike ride along part of it offers a powerful insight into how the wall divided the city.

Berlin Wall Watchtower

Berlin Wall Watchtower Mitte, Berlin

This is the last preserved example of a "BT 6" Watchtower of more than 200 which used stand guard over the Berlin Wall.


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