Friedrichshain Things To Do

With the sheer volume and range of attractions in Berlin, you could stay here for 6 months and never get bored.  If you have less time, and want to know which are the must see Berlin attractions, My Destination can help.

Berlin has 175 museums, 50 theatres, as well as countless historical monuments, memorial religious buildings, parks and gardens, zoos.  Well known attractions like the Brandenburger Tor and the UNSECO world heritage listed Museum Island are located around the corner from quirky galleries, museums and theatres.  My Destination Berlin is your guide to the best attractions that the city of Berlin has to offer.

East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery Friedrichshain, Berlin

Running the length of Mühlenstraße on the bank of the River Spree in Friedrichshain is Berlin's iconic East Side Gallery. At 1.3km it is the longest piece of The Berlin Wall that is still standing.

Berlin Hohenschönhausen Memorial

Berlin Hohenschönhausen Memorial Friedrichshain, Berlin

Berlin Hohenschönhausen is the former prison of the GDR's Ministry for State Security known as the Stasi. Many of the guides are former prisoners and offer a fascinating insight into the period.

Holy Heimat Weinachstmarkt @ Neue Heimat

Holy Heimat Weinachstmarkt @ Neue Heimat Friedrichshain, Berlin

This Christmas market at Neue Heimat is a very special urban Berlin experience in abandoned factory grounds in Friedrichshain.

Make a Break

Make a Break Friedrichshain, Berlin

Make a Break are one of the newest escape games in Berlin and currently offer a great game experience set on one of the most important days in Berlin's history... the fall of the Berlin Wall!


TRAP Friedrichshain, Berlin

If you like puzzles then look no further. In this game you will be racing the clock to solve a series of puzzles which will lead you to a ticking bomb - will you find it in time?

Hauptstadt Oper

Hauptstadt Oper Friedrichshain, Berlin

It looks a bit like a hardware store from the outside, but at Hauptstadt Oper, art takes place.

Computerspiele Museum - Computer Game Museum

Computerspiele Museum - Computer Game Museum Friedrichshain, Berlin

The computer game museum on Karl-Marx-Allee houses an amazing permanent collection entitled Computer Games: Evolution of a Medium and includes over 300 exhibits.

Stasi Museum

Stasi Museum Friedrichshain, Berlin

This intimidating 1970's building in former East Berlin used to be the secret police headquarters. Today, it's a chilling museum, and a must-see for anyone interested in the Stasi methods.

RadialSystem V

RadialSystem V Friedrichshain, Berlin

A "space for art and ideas", this cultural centre practically oozes with artistic and cultural inspiration. Contemporary dance, visual arts, live performance, children's programmes, and plenty more.

Hipster Escape Party

Hipster Escape Party Friedrichshain, Berlin

You wake up after a mega party and realise you are locked in the apartment. OH NO! You've only got 1 hour to find the key and escape before the owner comes home and discovers his trashed apartment!


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