Things To Do in Neukölln

With the sheer volume and range of attractions in Berlin, you could stay here for 6 months and never get bored.  If you have less time, and want to know which are the must see Berlin attractions, My Destination can help.

Berlin has 175 museums, 50 theatres, as well as countless historical monuments, memorial religious buildings, parks and gardens, zoos.  Well known attractions like the Brandenburger Tor and the UNSECO world heritage listed Museum Island are located around the corner from quirky galleries, museums and theatres.  My Destination Berlin is your guide to the best attractions that the city of Berlin has to offer.

Neuköllner Oper

Founded in 1976, Neuköllner Oper continues to bring opera, operetta, musicals, and humour to its audiences today. The company is creative and innovative; putting modern twists on traditional classics...

Krematorium Berlin

As well as holding up to 12,000 cremations a year, The Krematorium Berlin (Treptow Crematorium) is a building that has been studied by students, professionals and lovers of contemporary architecture.....