Berlin Room Escape Games

The Live Escape Game phenomenon that has been sweeping the word has now hit Berlin.  There are now many  locations  across Berlin offering multiple rooms each, all with their own missions and style of this team game that is taking the world by storm.

Live Escape Games are a real life version of the popular room escape point and click computer games.  For an insight into the concept check out our recent article. The premise is that you are locked in a room and have an hour to search the room for clues to solve a number of puzzles, eventually leading to the key or keycode of the door.  There are of course variations on this theme, from having to disarm a bomb, to solving a murder, but the basic premise is the same.  Search the room for clues, use your wits to interpret the information and combine various elements to complete the mission.  Room escape games are a team activity, for groups of between 2 and 6 people depending on the particular game, and offer an immersive experience where communication and teamwork are just as important as creative thinking and observation skills.  Why not put a group together and see for yourself why these games is gaining in popularity around the world.

Escape Zone Berlin

Escape Zone Berlin Mitte, Berlin

Escape Zone offers the chance to thwart the diabolical plans of an evil dictator and save the world from utter destruction!

Mission Accepted

Mission Accepted Mitte, Berlin

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Located opposite the German Intelligence Service, Mission Accepted offers an exciting spy experience

Cat in the Bag

Cat in the Bag Mitte, Berlin

Cat in the Bag currently offer two different escape game scenarios filled with tricky puzzles and unexpected twists... 60 minutes of pure excitement!

EXIT Berlin

EXIT Berlin Mitte, Berlin

The two atmospheric rooms full of clues and puzzles at EXIT Berlin will put your communication, observation, and problem solving skills to the ultimate test.


TRAP Friedrichshain, Berlin

If you like puzzles then look no further. In this game you will be racing the clock to solve a series of puzzles which will lead you to a ticking bomb - will you find it in time?

Make a Break

Make a Break Friedrichshain, Berlin

Make a Break are one of the newest escape games in Berlin and currently offer a great game experience set on one of the most important days in Berlin's history... the fall of the Berlin Wall!

Hipster Escape Party

Hipster Escape Party Friedrichshain, Berlin

You wake up after a mega party and realise you are locked in the apartment. OH NO! You've only got 1 hour to find the key and escape before the owner comes home and discovers his trashed apartment!


Questory Kreuzberg, Berlin

Questory's live room escape game will transport you into the middle of Cold War Berlin. Will you solve the case before the time runs out?

The Room - Live Escape Game Berlin

The Room - Live Escape Game Berlin Friedrichshain, Berlin

The Room is the Rolls Royce of Berlin's live room escape games, with an attention to detail, and an all over game experience that is truly impressive.

Team Escape Berlin

Team Escape Berlin Kreuzberg, Berlin

Team Escape Berlin offers two unique and enjoyable live escape experiences in which you will need all your powers of observation and teamwork to complete.


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