Berlin Zoos and Aquariums

Berlin is the zoo capital of the world hosting two zoos, one of which is holds the worlds largest collection of animals as well as an extensive aquarium.

A visit to one of Berlin's zoos is the perfect activity for families especially those with young children.  With so many animals on display there is always something to see and quite often there are plenty of newly birthed or hatched creatures running around.  The zoos also hold regular events - check out the My Destination Events listings for up to date information...


This sprawling zoo is located on the Eastern side of Berlin in Friedrichsfelde: a great place for families to spend a few hours animal-spotting and enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings.

Aquadom & Sea Life Berlin

Thousands of colourful critters live peacefully in 35 displays at Aquadom & Sea Life Berlin. The highlight? Riding right through the centre of the enormous Aquadom with its 360 degree view.

Zoo-Aquarium Berlin

Lots of colourful fish, insects, and amphibians are the focus at this three-story high aquarium in a beautiful old building near the Zoo. Take the kids and spend a few hours admiring the inhabitants.