Berlin Abandoned Building Tours

Throughout Berlin, particularly on the outskirts of the city are buildings that are ripe for urban exploration.  It is technically possible to visit these places on your own, but a tour ofters a safer and more legal alternative to doing it yourself.

Sites like the 1936 Olympic village, Spreepark (an abandoned amusement park complete with creepily turning ferris wheel), Beelitz Sanatorium, the former spy tower at Teufelsberg, abandoned prisons, schools, swimming pools, bunkers, factories and more. These places make interesting places to visit and are favourites of many professional and amateur photographers. Every year these abandoned places are getting fewer and fewer as developers buy the sites and use them for, well, whatever it is they feel like so don't put off this experience any longer!

go2know - Abandoned places photography tours

go2know - Abandoned places photography tours Prenzlauer-Berg, Berlin

Berlin has many amazing abandoned historical buildings just begging to be explored. Join go2know for a unforgettable visit to some truly amazing, if a little creepy, places.

Spreepark Tours

Spreepark Tours Kreuzberg, Berlin

Spreepark tours offers fascinating guides around Berlin's old and abandoned amusement park.


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