Mitte Art and Architecture

There are tours that specialize in art and architecture throughout Berlin lead by architects and historians. Both public and privately run, outdoors through the city and in doors in private galleries that you would never find without a guide.

As Berlin has such a rich and dark history, the architecture and art that has survived the war lives on and is visited by millions of travelers every year. Plus all the building and construction all over the city throughout the last decade has ensured the newer modern structures are also at the forefront of modern and innovative architectural design.  

Art and Tours

Art and Tours Mitte, Berlin

Looking for a way behind the 'art' scene in Berlin? Art and Tours can take you there.

Niche Art & Architecture Tours Berlin

Niche Art & Architecture Tours Berlin Mitte, Berlin

Looking to delve into Berlin's amazing art scene or get an insiders view on the city's rich architectural landscape? Join Niche for an in depth and personalised journey around Berlin.


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