Tours in Kreuzberg

Berlin is so large and has such a diverse and complex history that often the best way to get to know the city, at least at first, is through a guided tour.

My Destination Berlin has a comprehensive guide to all the best tours in Berlin from traditional tours like walking, bus, bike or boat tours to some more interesting ones like segway tours, street art tours, kayak tours or tuk tuk tours.  On a tour you can learn about the history of Berlin from Prussian grandeur to Nazi horror and of course you will learn all about the Berlin Wall.  Private tour guides are a great option for people who want a more customised and in depth experience and are happy to pay a bit extra.  For the ultra budget conscious there are even a couple of companies that run a free walking tour of Berlin but although the sign says free, you will be expected to tip at the end.


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Sonderweg Berlin

For a individual, personalised experience, nothing beats a private tour. Sonderweg Berlin aim for every tour to be a unique experience, provoking an ongoing dialogue about this amazing city.