Berlin Private Tour

Private tours are a great way to take a tour of Berlin and can be tailored to your specific interests and requests. Private tour guides can amplify your Berlin experience by showing you unique sites, interesting bars, and interesting shops to browse.

Private tour guides often have specific field of expertise including art, architecture, WW2 history, DDR history Jewish history, Street Art and Berlin’s underground music scene.  With a private guide you will get much more in depth information and the size of the groups are usually small, allowing for an individually tailored Berlin experience.  

Sonderweg Berlin

For a individual, personalised experience, nothing beats a private tour. Sonderweg Berlin aim for every tour to be a unique experience, provoking an ongoing dialogue about this amazing city.

Context Travel

Context Travel is a tour operator with a focus on delivering more intellectual tours. Tours are led by scholars and specialists, allowing for a much more in-depth appreciation of the city of Berlin.

Berlin Locals

A private tour guide provides a much more focused and individual experience. Arja and Carolina are local historians are truly passionate about showing visitors around their city of Berlin.